Tita Lim

Tita Lim will never fit into anyone's stereo typed idea of what a photographer should be. She breaks the rules in photography and will never allow herself to be restricted with technicalities. She handles her films the way they should not be handled-she scratches them, burns them and tampers with them with other mediums. Yet in all these, Lim has not lost her delightful sense of play and humor that one rarely finds in a photographer. Her works eloquently evoke the ironies and moods of the times. Her photographs are such that almost all those who see her works agree that her images have the shiftless quality of a a dream that venture into the sphere of the painterly. Art writer Talitha Espiritu went on further and described Lim's photographs as "Like looking through water or through a dense substance-the images seem just inches away from the surface of the work".