Michael Vincent Manalo

The artworks that I would like to present revolves around the concepts of man’s desperate desire to be free, the constant battle between loneliness and love, the ways on how he tries to cope with life and its trials, and how he submits himself to the power of media, especially the ones produced by television. I have been inspired by how people interact with their televisions. I observed that through these machines they were able to escape to another world, to a place where they don’t have to dwell on their misfortunes, on their adversities. It is a place which sparks creativity. It serves as a place where they can enter and get stories and gossip to distribute to their contacts. Nevertheless, it also serves an evil purpose - it serves as a doorway which opens and inspires the minds of some demented creatives. Upon observation, I noticed that most of the people tend to busy themselves so much that they forget what it is to dream. What it is to feel the simple things around us, to breathe the fresh air, to watch the enthralling skies, the break of dawn and the entrance of dusk. We are constantly contained within our own cubicles of self-pity to earn a living, and constantly regret the beauty outside. Life has always been a fascination to me. From those inevitable school fights during the elementary years to those wild days of puberty. From the lonesome people in the parks to the 8-inched mohawked people during concerts. From feeling someone else's warmth to dealing with the blackness within. There were a lot of emotions - pain, glee, love and warmth, glory, success, failures, torture, jealousy, excitement, rage, pride. All these converged and met at a common point in time and space and created who I am, what I am and what I want to become. Vast images come to my mind each day, some even forgotten along the way, but some are retained so I try to rebuild it ias soon as I could. I always try my best to forge images that come from the deepest roots of my imagination. I honestly didn't know that I took up a quest when I started making these. An ineveitable quest to free peopl'e minds, to allow them to withdraw from reality and dig into a wild roller coaster of a vivid dream. I love life, even though it tempts me not to. I still try to wake up every day with much inspiration from my dreams and thoughts and I would always try to forge these images as though I've taken a picture of it. Born in the Philippines on 1986. Drew at the age of 3. Used charcoal at the age of 12. Frustrated painter at the age of 16. Fell in love with photography at 21. Manipulated images a few months after.


Born 1986

Lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan