Maxime Stamati

Captivating, intriguing, and clever, Maxime Stamati’s imaginary world is a whirlwind of creativity and powerful images. It is the modern and surrealist expression of a personalized style of rare independence where the fantastic is practically omnipresent. The artist has a contemporary approach that is full of energy and finds its source in places, colors, scents, flavors, and various atmospheres in which he immerses himself and that inspire strong emotions in him. He reveals his unconscious intensely, letting it speak right on the surface of the canvas, the ultimate, heightened expression of all his artistic wanderings. Rejecting barriers, he holds back nothing and lives his art with passion and sincerity. Enamored of absolute freedom, the painter is originally from Marseille and began to create at a young age. His artist’s soul is fertile, as are his paintings themselves. After spending several years in Bali, Stamati has given new life to his work and has flourished creatively in other climes that are very affordable and perfectly suited to him. A new era can be glimpsed, full of promises, desires, and vibrations, which indicate a return to origins. When you meet Stamati, he seems reserved at first, but very quickly you discover a sensitive and determined artist. His elaborate technique has a strong decorative expression endowed with rhythm and movement and enhanced with a highly developed imagination and a figurative approach that combines abstraction and realism. This is all accomplished with a pluralist palette that is fierce and graceful at the same time. Strong faces and eyes haunt the canvas and we are as if carried away toward this world, the ideal of Stamati’s vision, with boldness in the perception of things. Isn’t art the reflection of the innermost being of the artist? In this vision, culture is present, taking on eclectic shapes, curves, and sounds and serving as a source of questioning. Primary colors are combined with lighter ones, and the background can be dark but is enlivened by more intense, pure colors and luminous reflections. Stamati's work has been recognized and widely admired abroad. He is inspired by dance and by the authenticity of Africa. Nature is also a source of inspiration for the artist to see beyond appearances and imagine a gentler, more serene world. Who knows? Maxime Stamati stages his works with a set, costumes, lighting, and a specific atmosphere. The whole is stylized and harmonious. With each of his achievements, his passion for painting is increased. His life’s path has led him to paint and his talent is at a significant turning point and can only surprise us in the future... P. Amiel