Marrz Capanang

“Find it by losing it because you already have it.”

Intuition is the most essential force in Marrz Capanang’s art. His artistic journey has been an adventure. From the doodled stars under the table, the boy from Calaparan (Iloilo) has now started to feel very at home with the natural flow of his process. He believes that in what he does, he also meditates, and connects with his most authentic being; he connect with the cosmic presence that happens in the now. Capanang has explored various art forms. His first love is painting but he has also illustrated three children’s books: “We All Live Together”, “Ax’s Dragon Dream”“Sanday Tay Alib kag Tay Amar” and “Princess Dea”. He has also directed and shot a short indie film entitled “Luksong Tinik”and acted in “Panaguay”. He finds meaning in art and he lives for it. Being an artist for him does not solely mean getting your work exhibited, your art has to transcend the frames, and the walls of the mind and spiriteven your own. Capanang's artworks speak so much of his mind – a dreamer’s. They look raw yet orchestrated, textured yet afloat.  They are narratives of his experiences both physical and intangible. They are distinct with a sense of profundity and presence. They come alive in colors, flowing and ebbing like the throbs of the heart; the inhales and exhales of the universal lungs. Marrz Capanang is also an active community organizer and volunteer. His experiences has inspired him in his craft and in his inward journey. He is currently one of the core group movers of Hawid-panublion, a non-profit group in aim of creating more avenues in rediscovering our indigenous roots. He has been part of numerous group exhibits and community projects in Iloilo City and Iloilo Province. His works are scattered in other countries outside the archipelago: Sweden, Belgium, Australia, Russia, USA, Singapore, and UK, collected by those who found connection in them. One day, he will start an art village, situated at the bosom of a farm where he can be most intimate with nature, his art, and the softer world that he believes in. 

By:  Kristine Buenavista