Lester Amacio

The psychological theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustave Jung based on their studies of the unconscious mind played a large role in shaping surrealism which developed after World War I. Amicao’s incredible imagery and bizarre juxtaposition is a classic approach of the surrealists who have sought to explore the unconscious mind on a path towards self discovery or what Jung termed as “individuation”. This type of works often exhibit an interaction between three planes --- of the spiritual, the psychological, and the physical translated into art.
Surrealists wanted to reveal images that could be analyzed by bringing realities from their subconscious to their conscious minds. Jung believed it was particularly valuable to bring out the unconscious by means of active imagination to get a better understanding of one’s self. By creating paintings in this manner, Amacio is able to confront and objectify that part of his self which would otherwise be hidden. The strong sexual and religious themes of his works indicate underlying significant issues that seek to be resolved through art and along the way, create a path towards a final spiritual and psychological understanding.


Born 1978

Lives and works in Dubai