Jerson Samson

Jerson specializes in detailed renditions of people at community activities such as moving house. He also paints crowds fleeing from a neighborhood fire, or families inside crowded tenements-making public the private lives that go on behind the closed doors that the prefab cement walls. Favoring warm shades of yellow and orange; by 1997 his figures acquired alizarin-red outlines for emphasis. From the time he was nine up to the age of fourteen, Jerson has kept winning all of seven first prizes in art, mostly at on-the-spot competitions in Manila . He has 33 other awards to his name. At 20, Jerson's works were already getting into the finals of major national contests such as the Shell competition and the Metrobank Foundation National competition. His works were selected as Jurors Choice at the Art Association of the Philippines Annual of 1997.


Born 1976

Lives and works in Manila, The Philippines.