Jay Iwayan

Art these days is a marvel of illusions, subjective realities, broadened lies,  abridged culture and scandalously and expensively priced aesthetic taste. It is quite distinct yet flamboyant in its display- more seemingly untrue than real. It is a fashion parade of velvet clad mimes who outshine the creators themselves from the spotlights. A parade of the hunter and the hunted in a spectacle of thrones and the entropied. It is a contagion of inconclusiveness and the seeming veneer of wealth. It is a melting pot of diverse interests and capitalistic ones. It is not unlike the media of today, it can create a floodgate of disinformation to the undiscerning eye, to  propagate white lies and misinformation. We can go on with the unempty canvasses like flowery adjectives hiding a well secreted  truth or carved out lies like stringent trophies, yet lines of simple narratives can be uncovered like gems when the artist speaks his or her mind through unpolished canvasses of hope, truth and insights.