Carlo Gernale

A Filipino contemporary visual artist based in Southern Tagalog, Philippines. Through his works, he aims to articulate not only his personal views on long-standing issues, but more importantly, the collective stand and the national democratic aspiration of the marginalized Filipino people. He is known both for his airbrushing proficiency and his surreal-allegorical works that tackle socio-political polemics. Attempting to conflate the traditional with industrial painting techniques, he continues to explore various materials from canvas, to metal, to denim. Gernale studied Bachelor of Fine Arts in Philippine Women's University. In 2006, he mounted his first solo exhibition "Ispup" at Mag:net, Makati.  His most recent exhibition "You are Cordially Invited" was held in May 2016 at Ysobel Art Gallery, Taguig City, Philippines. Some of his works have already been shown in New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jogjakarta.  In 2013, Gernale completed a short-term artist-in-residence program at Rimbun Dahan Selangor, Malaysia, courtesy of the Hijjas family. Prior to this, he participated in SAGE, a tri-country residency program for artists in Southeast Asia. Occasionally, Gernale spends time teaching effigy-making, mural-painting, editorial cartooning, and basic drawing to students and out-of-school youth in Manila and in some regions. Currently, he is gearing up for an upcoming group exhibition to be held November 2016 at the National Visual Arts Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Born 1979

Lives and works in Southern Tagalog, The Philippines