Anthony Panugao

Anthony Panungao is a painter that creates larger works. His works features more than ten recent works and a painting  measuring 7 x 11 feet. Creating works in paintings has been a passion for this individual. Seeking out this series of works  to pursue the challenge of the indomitable, one artist might misconstrue passion for madness. One might discovery the key and yet another its unforgiving bonds. It is a life long discovery and to each his/her own to find his/her enduring strength. One entails a bigger heart in this task of sorts. For a painter who has the solitary heart one could meet his fate drastically- heavy-weight truths in the most unexpected airy painterly form. Anthony Panugao is obviously a man with a big heart a masterful individual to be. No cynicism, no bitterness, no arrogance, no condescension: he points out absurdity with a laugh and paints them. He continues to find the wisdom in this unconventional way. 

Born 1979

Lives and works in Manila, The Philippines