Andres Barrioquinto

My work is likely to be more sharply individualized than the realist, therefore more dramatically my own, sometimes to the point of eccentricity, their individuality becomes more natural when I'm interested in probing my own soul rather than reflecting the world of ideas, and in explaining a moody or inner world than revealing a basic harmony in the one around us, I paint images so exaggerated or distorted that they take us away from the familiar world into one of emotion and feeling, at least that is my interest. In extremes, these expressions may even become hysterical or nightmarish. I also try new means of expression, seeking new direction, exploring new mediums and methods of working. This is an excellent time in my development as an artist to experiment, to meet and enjoy the challenges of various materials. Keep alert for the inevitable accidents that appear, as I work I often take Advantage of them. In painting for instance, color sometimes bleed together or overlap to create an admirable but unplanned effect, Pencil marks or under-painting may unintentionally show through enhancing my work. Surprises can crop up in any materials I use, often sparking new ideas.


Born 1975

Lives and works in Manila, The Philippines