Alexander Espanola

Art is my platform for personal and social discourse. It is the product of my struggle and discipline in pursuit of transforming thought and energy into material form.
At present, my main focus of artistic exploration is the mapping of contemporary phenomena. My artworks are personal maps which serve as visual representations of a particular area or subject. The works represent any form of space, both real and imagined, and whose purpose is to provide an understanding of any activity arising from that space. As an artist navigating and charting personal and social space, cartography serves as an integral element in my paintings, sculptures, and installations. The daily practice of creating art is my attempt to make sense and non-sense of myself in relation to the world and vice-versa. Through paintings, sculpture and installation, I create experiential representations of real and imagined reality. In this regard, the drive to create is based on my commitment to materialize thoughts and the transference of energy in this lifetime.