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Kulay-Diwa Gallery of Philippine Contemporary Art is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the promotion of art from the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. The gallery is owned and managed by its founder Roberto San Agustin Nolasco. The name of the gallery comes from two Tagalog words: Kulay (color) and Diwa (spirit or thought).

History: The gallery opened with the goal of discovering and promoting the contemporary artworks of young and emerging Filipino artists and facilitating cultural interaction among the Philippine regions and between the Philippines and other countries. It is currently located in Parañaque City, Metro Manila.

Exhibition Program: Kulay-Diwa accepts from artists and curators exhibition proposals for display in its gallery. The White Main Gallery (20 ft x 40 ft x 9 ft) can house approximately 20 moderately large works. The gallery also has a garden that can be used for assemblies, performances, and sculpture displays. Online exhibitions are also accepted year round. The Exhibitions Program seeks diverse programming proposals from artists, curators, educators, and collectives. Proposals will be reviewed by a Committee and recommended for exhibition opportunities. Proposals are open to all media including installation, new media, and performance art; there are no geographic restrictions. Work must have been completed in the past three years unless part of a thematic grouping or collection. Artists may also submit proposals for new works, providing samples of work representative for review. As the Gallery is part of a larger interdisciplinary arts center fostering community involvement and life learning, collaborators who are available for demonstration, residency, outreach, and workshop options are preferred. Proposals may be emailed as instructed below. All submitted materials should be considered a public document and incomplete proposals are subject to disqualification.

For consideration please provide the following materials:

1. 10 to 15 images in the form of quality jpeg images. A corresponding image list that includes title, media, year of creation and size of each work. Artists working in non-traditional formats such as new media or installation may opt to submit a 5 –10 minute video on a Mac compatible CD/DVD; mpg/mov files.

2. Professional Resume or CV including Exhibition Record and Artist’s Biography.

3. Exhibition Concept / Statement of Intent.

4. Preference for Exhibition Type: Solo, Collaborative Group, Thematic Group.

5. Date Restrictions - Exhibitions may be scheduled up to 12 months after review.

6. Failure to provide will result in the disposal of materials at the program’s discretion post-review. Select materials may be kept on file for future reference.

Email Proposals to: Exhibitions Program – Proposal Submission at  bobbit@kulay-diwa.com

Proposals are accepted continually and reviewed, as needed.           

         download exhibition guidelines

Group Visit: Kulay-Diwa welcomes a limited number of groups to view the exhibitions. If you are planning to visit the gallery with a group of 10 people or more, it is necessary to confirm with the gallery at least three days in advance via email. Due to space constraints, the gallery cannot accommodate groups of more than 25 people. To request a group visit, send the gallery an email with the date and time of your visit and the number of people in your group to bobbit@kulay-diwa.com or call at 6326244344  |  6328260574 

Hours: Monday - Friday 10-5 PM. Since the gallery is by-appointment only and has very limited parking space, a patron or visitor needs to make an appointment with the gallery staff at least three days ahead. 

Above: interior shot of the white gallery during the exhibition of Arnold Bornio "Crossroads"           Photo by: Charlene Hero

Kulay Diwa Roberto San Agustin Nolasco

Roberto San Agustin Nolasco Founder/Managing Director

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